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Exploring the map is one of the great pleasures that Grand Theft Auto V gives us , but if you are not in the job of reviewing every corner of the place to find all its secrets, we bring you a little help so that you quickly get the trophy / achievement «Wanted alive or dead» .
Once we meet Trevor , Maude's runaway missions will be unlocked . To start "working" on them, go northwest of Sandy Shores to meet her. Once you talk to her and leave the place she will send you an email to ask you to find the first fugitive.

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You can deliver them both alive and dead , but if you want to make money fast, always choose to take them alive to receive $ 10,000. It is not complicated to catch them, if you will have to run a little longer to reach them, but it is worth the effort because dead will give you only 5,000 dollars.

Where is Ralph Ostrowsky?

Ralph Ostrowsky is in the Davis quarry . You have to go down the dirt road until you find him. As soon as he sees you, he will try to run away in a car, the easiest way to catch him is by shooting the tires so he can't get out. Then approach him to intimidate him and agree to accompany you to the caravan of Maude , to get it simply run in his direction until you hit him or use the electric gun.

Where is Larry Tupper?

A Larry Tupper find it in Great Chaparral, which will identify because on the map a road junction is shaped like a triangle. The fugitive is with a group of thugs, so to get him alive he will have to kill first those who accompany him (watch out for the aim). As soon as you kill his teammates he will run, chase him and intimidate him to take him with Maude.

Where is Glenn Scolville?

A Glenn Scolville will go high - risk sports, so find the tip of the Mount Chilliad. He is with a partner about to parachute. If you want to catch him alive, you'll have to let him jump. Run to the edge and you'll find a parachute lying on the floor near where it was. Chase it until it lands, if you do it correctly you can fall on it and immobilize it. If you are not going to touch run until you reach it and intimidate it.

Where is Curtis Weaver?

Courtis Weaver is a homeless man, so you'll find him at the camp they have mounted in Mount Chilliad. Look at the top of the map for a road that forms a small circle, just in front you will see the shoulder of East Joshua Road and you will see a tunnel that passes under the train track that runs parallel to that road. Enter the tunnel and on the other side you will find the camp. As soon as he sees you, he will shoot you, but then he will run away. So wait for him to launch his first round of shots and run after him to intimidate him and keep him alive.

Once you take it with Maude you will get the trophy / achievement «Wanted alive or dead» .

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