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20 Best RPG Games For Android (2018)

Role-Playing Games are quite popular, regardless the platform. The reason is simple: these games let you be someone you cannot be in real life. It may be a Shadow Fighter or a King or a survivor in the post-apocalyptic world. Since Android has a large-enough user-base, Android RPGs often become quite viral too. In that case, you can enjoy being your character as he/she moves forward in the game.

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ut, if you need all these things, you need to play some of the best RPGs out there. Just to get you an idea, Google Play Store has an amazing collection of Role-Playing Games. Even when you narrow down the list to online multiplayer RPGs, you have plenty of choice. In this article, however, we managed to find 20 of best Android RPGs you can play today. We have included both free RPG games for Android and paid ones. There are also sub-categories like offline RPGs for Android. Shall we begin?